Time and Attendance Solutions

Your company’s most expensive resource is your people. Thus, it’s important to ensure that those work hours are being spent productively. By putting an effective Time and Attendance Solution in place, you can efficiently track and control your employees’ working hours.

These days, organizations no longer have to suffer through the cumbersome process of working with punch cards and spreadsheets. You can save so much time and money by adapting a smart software system that does the entire tracking job for you. Let Saleem Technologies show you how:

We Can Give You Advice

We listen. We listen well. Talk to our experts about your needs. Depending on your company’s size and budget, we can give you practical advice on the most viable time and attendance solution for your business.


If you’re looking for a turnkey IT solution that you can use instantly, Time’em is the product we highly recommend. This powerful software not only tracks time and attendance, but it also helps you track jobs or WorkPacks. Plus, there are options to link to QMR (Quantity Man-Hour Report) and Store’em (Saleem Technologies’ Inventory/Stores Management solution).

Let’s Customize It

Perhaps you have your own ideas about the kind of Time and Attendance solution that can work for your business. Tell us about it and we will help you design a software program that best fits your company’s size and needs.
The Benefits of Having an Efficient Time and Attendance IT Solution

  • Saves timeNo more adding up time cards or looking through spreadsheets for hours
  • Discourages “buddy punching” and time theft
  • Reduces the risk of payroll errors to a minimum
  • Controls labor costs and eliminates over-payments
  • Enables supervisors to easily track employee time from any location with an Internet connection
  • With an organized time and attendance record, the company can easily create shifts and schedules for employees