SharePoint Development

Microsoft’s SharePoint has undoubtedly become an essential part in the operation of several businesses worldwide. This Web application platform makes it wonderfully easy for companies to integrate and organize information in one easy-to-use content management system.

SharePoint is such a huge platform and in the hands of a highly skilled developer, the number of custom applications you can create with it is virtually limitless.
At Saleem Technologies, we have brilliant IT experts who have spent years perfecting the art of developing different SharePoint solutions—especially for the Mining, Oil & Gas, and Construction industries. We can show you how to use SharePoint to its fullest potential:

Let’s Talk About It:

There’s nothing we enjoy more than getting to know our clients. We take a close look at your organization—its workflow, its needs, and its goals. We brainstorm with our developers on how we can create a customized SharePoint system that truly reflects your company’s values and addresses its everyday needs.

We Want Your Company’s Personality To Shine Through

Developing a SharePoint system that makes your business more productive is good—but developing a SharePoint portal that also enhances your business image and captures your company’s unique character is even better. We know just how important design and branding is—and we make sure that your SharePoint system sends the right message about your company’s identity.

We Show You The Ropes

After we have developed a customized SharePoint system for you, our service doesn’t stop there. We go the extra mile and help you implement SharePoint in the workplace. We provide easy training courses to ensure that everyone in your business can make the most out of SharePoint.

The Benefits of Using SharePoint in the Workplace

• Information can be shared easily and securely within the workplace and outside it.
• Business processes become automated, enhancing worker efficiency and productivity.
• Looking for information is as quick as clicking a button.
• Different systems in the company can be integrated into one platform.
• Storing different types of data becomes easier and more organized.