GPS, Barcode and RFID Materials Tracking

Project overruns and delays are a fact of life, especially for large scale projects. This is often attributed to misplaced materials on site and results in a costly inconvenience that can have significant negative ripple effects throughout the project schedule. Missed project deadlines directly affect the reputation and share price of a company, Track’em® provides project leaders with a materials tracking and management solution that would negate such effects.

    1. Bar-code Tracking
    2. GPS Tracking
    3. RFID Tracking
    4. Asset Tracking

    1. 3D Model Plugin
    2. WorkPack Tracking
    3. Online Module
    4. Offline Module

    1. Mobile Application
    2. Progress Control
    3. Earned Value System
    4. Fabrication Tracking

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Stores & Warehouse Management

The Store’em software is a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use stores management solution available in both batch (offline) and real-time (online) versions. Benefits of the Store’em system include improved inventory accuracy, increased labour productivity, and better project delivery.

Store’em includes advanced stores and warehouse management capabilities, including receiving and issuing materials, stock reports and min/max notifications. Store’em was designed with scalability in mind. Microsoft® SQL Server support means that you can comfortably handle hundreds of users and tens of thousands of items with excellent response time.

Store’em was developed with the latest Microsoft® development tools, assuring compatibility with almost any system.

    1. Bar-coding Assets
    2. GPS Tracking
    3. RFID Tracking of Tools
    4. Import/Export

    1. Warehouse Management
    2. Asset Management
    3. Maintenance Module
    4. Flexible and Customization
    • Online
    • Offline (No Network Sites)
    • Mobile Application
    • Track PPE & Small Tools

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Time & Attendance and WorkPack Tracking

Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily record who is onsite and who is not without using spread sheets or manual entry? What if you can use the same staff card for time  and attendance and the same card for stores to check in and out Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), tools and consumables? What if you can use a Time and Attendance system when there is no internet?

Most importantly what if you can record actual hours spent on each WorkPack or on each job? What if you can get actual data for your Quantity Man-Hour Report (QMR)?

With Time’em®, the dream becomes a reality. This premium time & attendance and job tracking software is powerful and versatile enough to handle your time and attendance and job tracking requirements. Whether you work in Mining, Oil & Gas, and EPCM or in Construction, Time’em® offers the solutions to help you to streamline project management tasks while saving time and money.

    • Time & Attendance
    • Work-Pack Tracking
    • Job Tracking
    • Sign In/ Sign Out
    • Bar-Code Staff Cards
    • Assign Work-Packs
    • Reports in PDF/XLS
    • Option to link to QMR (Quantity Man-Hour Report)

    • Online
    • Offline (No Network Sites)
    • Mobile Application
    • Link to Store’em (Inventory/Stores Management)

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Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Transport’em® allows customers to upload and record the latest updates and information relating to shipping units including trucks, containers or flat racks. This information is available throughout the lifecycle of the shipping unit, using a secure web based system. Transport information includes Vehicle Reg No, Load No, MMT No, Driver Name, Supplier, Dispatched Date, Expected Received Date, Area, Dispatched by, GPS Location, GPS update date, Manifest No, Description, Comments etc. (more fields can be added if required) this information can be used operationally to prioritize and forecast allocation of drivers and vehicles.

The records can be created manually or automatically through a 1-Stop data import. When information relating to a voyage or load is updated, the data becomes available over the web in real time. The transport module can be setup so that multiple sub contractors can login and access their information. A sub-contractor can only view his own data. However client Logistic or Transport Manager can view the information of all the sub-contractors. By managing the data centrally your business minimises its risk of allocating equipment to jobs with out of date information and help you forecast and plan your logistics activities.

    • Logistic Management
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Fleet Management
    • Live GPS Tracking
    • Web Based
    • Bulk Import
    • Ease of Data Entry
    • Vehicle and Container Tracking

    • Contractor View
    • Customizeable
    • Google Map Integration
    • Asset Tracking

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