Logistics and Supply Chain Systems

Running a medium or large company, especially a Mining, Oil & Gas or Construction company, is a tough juggling act of balancing all the company’s resources—manpower, materials, and money. One of the biggest challenges is to keep inventory and costs low, while maintaining a healthy and steadily growing level of productivity. To succeed, an organization must invest in a reliable logistics and supply chain system. Saleem Technologies is one of the most trusted names in this area.

We Give Generous Advice

If you are a Mining, Oil & Gas, or Construction business, we can talk your talk. We spent years studying and working within the industry. But more important than talking your talk, we carefully listen. We listen to your needs and concerns and find ways to help you address them with the most efficient IT solutions.

We ProMISE To Deliver

At Saleem Technologies, we think of everything. We’re serious about our promise to give customer satisfaction and that is why we created ProMISE (Progress Management Information Systems for Enterprise). It’s a powerful suite of progress control and management software that offers enterprise-wide solutions and lets you keep track of everything—from employee attendance to materials and equipment.


Transport’em is our most in-demand supply chain and logistics management product. We understand the importance of being able to track important shipments in real-time and Transport’em can do that for you. Using a secure Web-based system, customers can upload and record the latest updates and information related to shipping units (including trucks and flat racks or containers).

The Benefits of Using a Smart Logistics and Supply Chain System

  • Full visibility and control of the supply chain
  • With full visibility of the supply chain, problem areas are easily identified and quickly addressed
  • Costs are better controlled
  • Current resources can be managed more efficiently
  • Planning for future needs is easier